Build Your
Off Road Renegade

How To Turn Heads - On and off the trails

I bought a roof rack a couple of years ago and put it on my 2015 Jeep Renegade and then I added some offroad lights that i mounted to that. As I added my accessories to my car I noticed that people’s heads were turning to get a look at my car. There weren’t many Renegade’s on the road then and I think that’s why it caught so much interest. Today I mostly get looks from other Renegade drivers wanting to do similar upgrades to their Jeep. Below you will find some of the things I have added to my Jeep as well as items/upgrades I would like to make in the future. In addition to that i’ve provided a section dedicated to maintenance and you can find a list of parts and tools that I’ve found to be helpful there.

5 Reasons to buy a better bumper
  • Added protection from a heavy duty Avid Bumper will be well worth it if you ever get in an accident
  • The ability to add a winch is one of the main reasons I want to upgrade my bumper. Being able to do recovery on the trail is critical if you go out often
  • They look great and will turn many heads as your going down the road or driving the trails
  • Some of the front bumpers have skid plates included to help protect the underside of your car
  • Built in tow hooks help when you’re in need of a winch and since it’s bolted directly to the frame you won’t have to worry about the bumper flying off
Best Jeep Decals and where to find them

These window and hood decals for your Renegade will make your car stand out from all the rest. Michael Hurley has created some sick designs and will even do custom work if you have an idea of your own. The smaller decals are all around $15 and the larger hood decals are around $65. Get your classic Jeep Trail Rated decal, zombie and sasquatch decals or go big with a hood decal. Visit BestJeepDecals for more!

Why I added off road lights and you should to

I added some of the expensive light bars but the higher quality light output and not having to worry about them going yellow was well worth the extra cost. Some of the reasons I added off road lights was to obviously see the trail in the dark, I do like to go for night rides and find puddles in the dark. That’s what my large 30 inch bar in the front is for. I added to small 10 inch bars on the sides to both watch the sides of the road in addition to being able to light my campsite. I often find myself setting up my tent etc. in the dark and being able to turn on those side lights has been extremely helpful.

How changing your Headlights will make your friends jealous

Nothing makes your Jeep stand out like replacing those warm colored stock lights with some LED’s that will match the color temperature of your off road lights. Some of these headlights have additional colors (green, orange, red) that will always grab the attention of a passerby. (check your local laws before installing headlights of varying colors)

Maintenance steps anybody can do

Everyone knows that if you do the maintenance regularly on your car it’s going to last a lot longer. Changing the oil and replacing oil and air filters regularly will keep your car running longer and help you have the best possible gas mileage. Same goes for replacing those spark plugs. The 1.4T engine needs new spark plugs every 30,000 miles, and the 2.4l needs them replaced every 100,000. Check your manual for your maintenance timetable on different parts.

How to change your spark plugs
How to increase your clearance

When I lifted my Renegade there were only two companies that offered them. I chose the Daystar 1.5” lift. It was an easy to follow install that took me two days but only because I broke a factory bolt in the strut tower and had to get a replacement from the dealership. Now there are a few more options and sizes. I’ll present a few of them here.

Struggling to keep your car clean?

Floor mats are an easy solution to help keep your car cleaner throughout the year. I recommend the thick rubber weather proof type mats that don't soak up water like fabric floor mats or get stained from the dirt and other debris you might be going through. Invest in a quality rubber floor mat for your Jeep Renegade that can handle snow, rain, mud, sand and dirt.